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Albatros is not just a company for bathroom, whirlpool, and SPA solutions, but most of all it is a union of values and human relations which have created an unparalleled synergy.

Our Philosophy

Albatros represents the concrete realization of experiences, stories, skills, and renowned Italian attention to materials, charming design and high-quality manufacturing. Albatros embodies the ability to adapt to our contemporary world the millenary Italian excellence, particularly regarding arts and architecture. Albatros symbolizes a proposition to improve our present, a time in which personal wellbeing seems to be more an elitist prize to win, and no longer a human right. Albatros means aesthetic and design with timeless style, since nothing more than Italian art embodies and represents the idea of infinity. Always and forever.

"Albatros is the successful attempt to offer a private haven of wellness,, an intimate space in your own home, to enjoy whenever you want.

Thanks to Albatros, wellbeing becomes a furnishing element,, because the harmony and beauty of one's home, of one's own nest, must be nurtured like the most beautiful flowers in a garden.

It is precisely the combination of our people's values and the relationships binding them together that shapes what what Albatros is today, more successful and better focused than ever."

There are three main values that brought this magic to life, both for those who work with us and for those who buy our creations:


The value of Italian-Made products

When we think of work, we think of people and their exclusive mix of cultural roots, skills, and dedication that turns into unique quality. At all levels.

From design to manufacturing excellence, from creativity to technological innovation, Albatros embodies, represents, interprets, and promotes the best Italian qualities in terms of bathtubs, whirlpools, showers, saunas and Hammam worldwide.

That is why the strictly Italian-made production is our pride, our added value, our mantra and, above all, a responsibility we take very seriously and with high expectations.

People's value

The value of our company is, first of all, the value of every single person who works with us, and it is the value of all the virtuous relationships establishing among them. The sense of belonging and the sharing of different concepts of quality and wellbeing create and nurture outstanding creative synergies, which blend our people's best ideas and turn them into unique and unparalleled products.

  • It is people that give life to our products, every day.
  • It is people that made us become the company we are today.
  • It is people that make us thrive.

People are essential to us and their wellbeing is our priority.

Bosco azzurro valore ambiente

Environment's value

The company we have in mind is and will be a sustainable one, thanks to our long-term vision.

Our commitment to the environment is an innovative and dialogic way of business, aimed at respecting our territory and gaining the respect of both people and our market.

Our goal is to be a real example of an ethical way of doing business.

We would like the environment's value to be understood and shared by everyone - companies and customers.

We want to raise awareness about respecting nature, because it gives us life and hosts us on Earth without asking for anything in return.

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