The Benefits of the Hammam

The origins of the Hammam

The Hammam is a widespread ritual in the Middle East, since ancient times. Thanks to its numerous benefits, this ritual has also entered Western culture of wellbeing, becoming, by now, one of its protagonists. The origins of the Hammam seem to date back to Roman civilization, to the point that the name of the space used for this function is calidario, from the Latin word "calidarium". If the ancients probably ignored all the benefits of the Turkish bath and practiced it only because they felt a general state of wellbeing, today we are fully aware of its beneficial effects, thanks to medical-scientific studies that explain what properties the steam bath has.

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What happens to the body when entering the Turkish bath?

Inside the Hammam, the average temperature is 45° C and the humidity rate is almost 100%. The high temperature warms up the body, which starts producing sweat as a self-defence measure from the heat. Sweating promotes the elimination of toxins and uric acid, fostering renal activity and hydration of the upper respiratory tract.

The almost total humidity of the Turkish bath prevents sweat from evaporating and causes the skin to remain wet.

Thanks to such a high skin hydration, the cells of the stratum corneum become easily removable and cellular turnover is facilitated.

Forced hydration of the skin and induced cellular turnover make the skin more elastic, smoother and younger looking.

Therefore, the Hammam is particularly suitable for those suffering from dry skin and skin peeling, which can be worsened by various factors such as air conditioning, sun lamps, and age.

Despite being a steam bath, the Hammam has no contraindications even for any other type of skin, because it promotes cellular turnover in any case.

Skin hydration effect lasts a few hours from the end of the Hammam, but it can be prolonged through the use of special self-moisturizing ointments.

However, massage oils should be avoided, as they create a film over the skin that partially blocks its respiration.

The Hammam stimulates peripheral vasodilation and improves blood circulation in general.

It is therefore very advisable for everyone and, even more, for those who usually suffer from cold extremities.

The Turkish bath can also help reduce or eliminate cellulite, because it promotes the elimination of toxins through enlarged pores, making the skin smoother and more toned.

Which are the most suitable products to use during or after the Hammam?

To exploit the benefits of high humidity on the skin, during the Hammam you can undergo a body scrub with an exfoliating glove, using an olive oil based soap.

The scrub should be performed after 10-12 minutes in the Hammam, because the old cells of the stratum corneum must already be hydrated to become easily removable. Another alternative for scrubs is Carrara marble powder, which is not water-soluble and can perform a very effective exfoliating action if applied with light massages

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Benefits of the Hammam on mood

The Hammam is not only useful to improve one's physical condition, but also to improve mood.

The Hammam represents a moment of self-care, a relaxing and regenerating private ritual. You will feel welcomed and cuddled in its warm embrace. The sweat caused by the Hammam is a body outlet, a natural way to eliminate stress in order to create a new balance. Besides, the aesthetics of the Hammam plays a key role in improving mood: everyone knows that beauty makes you feel better.

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