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Our design showers are conceived to combine beauty, functionality, and pleasure, to transform the daily shower in a ritual of pure wellbeing.

Soreha Box doccia - soffione centrale

With Albatros the shower becomes an emotional experience, a moment of true relaxation in the intimacy of one's own bathroom, which turns into a space of sophisticated and contemporary design.

Product Lines

Enhance your bathroom and turn it into a highly emotional space thanks to Albatros multifunction showers! Make a choice of harmony, beauty, practicality, and quality with Albatros modern shower trays. Discover all the available models now!

Multifunction Shower

The multi-functionality of Albatros showers, combined with a constant pursuit of the most harmonious lines, transforms every home in an oasis of wellbeing and purification, the ideal place to detox from the stress characterising many days of our hectic lives.

What for others is a simple habit, with Albatros multifunctional showers it becomes a space for one's own, to clear one's mind, to revitalize. In order to provide with an always different and customizable shower experience, Albatros multifunctional showers offer precious features, such as aromatherapy, Turkish bath for toxins elimination, chromotherapy, and "rain effect" shower heads. Our assortment of showers includes niche and corner versions, to meet the most varied shapes of any room.

Each Albatros walk-in shower has specific aesthetic and functional features, to fully satisfy everyone's personal idea of "relaxation". For Turkish bath lovers, the Soreha Shower by Albatros is the ideal choice: an enhanced Turkish bath experience boasting light and color effects, transforming the shower into a true personal SPA.

The integration of the shower head in the top panel and the internal shelves in the shower column makes the shower cabin an actual piece of furniture, which fits perfectly into the room, enriching it with new light and a timeless touch of magic. The possibility of choosing the colour of the walls contributes to creating a perfect harmony between aesthetics and functionality of any bathroom: Albatros multifunction showers are unparalleled design gems in bathroom furniture. Furthermore, they are made of state-of-the-art materials, conceived to be very resistant, and designed to facilitate cleaning.

Design Shower Trays

Albatros shower trays can be made to measure, recessed inside the floor or above the floor and of the color of your choice among those in our range. They are made of  Solid Surface or of  Stonecril  innovative materials that ensure freedom of design, resistance, and hygiene without any need for special care or detergents. The Solid Surface material consists of a combination of natural mineral and acrylic resin; thanks to the latter, the colour remains unchanged over time. Stonecril material gives an extraordinary stone effect to the surface; it is made of a combination of a natural mineral and a polyester resin; the surface is composed of an acrylic resin/high-level polyester film that confers to the product an optimal physical resistance over time, absolute impermeability and hygiene in the daily use.

In photo:  Diamond shower trays

Piatto Doccia Diamond

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