Soreha Box

Transparency and lightness are the highlights of this design, for a shower box that transforms the bathroom into a highly emotional multifunctional space.

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A true wellness center

Moments of authentic domestic pleasure, for absolute relaxation. Like a true wellness center, Soreha multifunction shower envelops the body in soft cloud of hot steam, to dissolve daily stress. Refined combinations of light and water effects enrich this marvellous experience of complete rejuvenation.

Attention to the detail

To live a new experience every day.

Soreha 120  121 x 81 - h 222,5 cm
Soreha 140  141 x 81 - h 222,5 cm

"Rain effect" integrated shower head

Customizable colouring

Turkish bath



Disponibile nella versione ad angolo e in nicchia

Made of aluminum composite covered in B-Plus finish. Shower tray, cover and shelf in white colour, vertical panels in B-Plus finish, available in 4 colours

Central shower head tintegrated into the top panel with rain effect and blade jet

Turkish bath to regenerate the body and eliminate toxins through steam’s heat

Aromatherapy, through perfumed essences, to tone and refresh the body under the water jet

  White B-Plus

  Grigio B-Plus


View the Soreha Box technical sheet here:

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