Hammam / Turkish Bath

The Hammam is a cloud of hot steam that welcomes you in its relaxing embrace,
helping you eliminate toxins and rediscover the perfect balance between body and soul. The Hammam is a purification ritual, it enhances personal wellbeing and restores inner peace.


The city will not be really perfect until the day when it has a Hammam,

said Shahrazad di “in "The Thousand and One Nights”.

To us, every house - even more than the city - should represent a haven, a nest, the destination to always look forward to, a safe place offering relief, new strength, confidence, and wellbeing. "Home", in short, should be a warm hug just like the Hammam: that is why even the most beautiful house will never be really perfect until the day it has its own Hammam.

Product Lines

Make your guests feel at home and amaze them with our Hammam Plus Contract. Stimulate all your senses in a special experience like a Hammam to enjoy whenever you want, in the comfort of your home.

The domestic Hammam by Albatros: the unparalleled pleasure of an ancient ritual combined with bold design, smartly nested in your own home

The Hammam has a detoxifying action thanks to the high sweating it induces. After the treatment, in fact, the skin is more radiant and supple, blood circulation is improved, the immune system is strengthened and muscular pains are reduced thanks to its deep decontracting action.

Moreover, the Turkish bath releases endorphins and it is an excellent anti-stress treatment, which leads the body and the mind to a deep relaxation. When the benefits of the steam bath espouse such an attractive and aesthetically appealing cabin, that special moment becomes even more pleasant and indispensable.

Features of our Hammam for Your Home

To combine functionality and design, the steam generator is built-in, with an external and visible part that can be customized in 4 exquisite finishes.

The external and visible part of the steam generator can also be complemented by a glass shelf and bathrobe hooks.

Our Hammam Plus Home model is equipped with the latest generation touch screen display, to adjust the various steam bath settings from inside the Hammam room.

The innovative technology of Albatros Hammam boasts a Bluetooth system, to listen to your favourite music or audio book while enjoying your Turkish bath.

The Hammam Plus Home model includes also an essence diffuser, to combine the benefits of aromatherapy with those of the hammam.

Our B-PLUS panelling system represents an exclusive innovation of great aesthetic impact, enhanced by totally trouble-free installation and maintenance.

The surfaces are solid, scratch-resistant and durable, yet maintaining a pleasant velvety feel to the touch.

The door is made of transparent glass to maximise the entrance of natural light and provide visual continuity in the spaces.

The door profiles are in polished chrome-plated aluminium, as are the handles.

Sturdiness, design and visual lightness come together in a product as fascinating as a Turkish bath, conceived to satisfy every sense.

From the first start-up by the Assistance centre onwards, every customer is always taken good care of and is central to us: for the first two years we offer free annual checks, and the assistance - during and after the warranty period - is timely and professional.

Hammam Plus Contract erogatore di vapore
Hammam Plus Home display digitale Oled
HammamPlus Contract Cover

The Hammam for hotels, cruise ships and accommodation facilities

For accommodation facilities we created a specific model of Turkish bath: Hammam Plus Contract. This model offers your guests the most traditional form of wellbeing and relaxation, but rethought according to the standards of contemporary lifeHammam Plus Contract is an island of innovation and comfort with a minimal design.

It is a product specifically conceived for intense use and designed to ensure very simple handling, easy maintenance, and absolute hygiene. Our Hammam for accommodation facilities is wear resistant, fully fitted, and equipped with a cutting-edge capacitive touch screen display. The other characteristics of materials and technology (Bluetooth, aromatherapy, etc.) are the same of the Hammam Plus Home model, which is the ultimate choice in terms of hammams.

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