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Quality Is Not Just a Word

Any company claims to have quality products, but often that "quality" definition refers mainly to aesthetics and design, which are the first traits to catch the eye. Surely, aesthetics is a fundamental component for any element to include in your home decor or in your wellness center, and it is crucial for us as well.

However, a nice design is not enough to determine the "quality" of a product.

Ethos F - qualità dei materiali

In our opinion, in fact, "quality" also means attention to and respect for our customer, which result in an accurate selection of materials to use and in ease of use and maintenance. All our products are designed to be durable and to satisfy our customers every day, even years later.

The reason lies in what we consider a long-lasting satisfaction: while in the short term the design and technology of a product are the main aspect to please the client, in the medium and long term the robustness and ease of cleaning of the materials become fundamental as well.

Seeing your own bathtub or spa always as beautiful as the first day is an important satisfaction, which we want to assure anyone purchasing our products.

Quality of Materials

Our bathtubs are equipped with a galvanized metal frame, which performs two important functions: it supports optimally the weight of the tub and water, while it ensures greater resistance to corrosion

  • Design bathtubs surfaces are made of Solid Surface, an innovative, hygienic and extremely resistant material. Solid Surface is scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint and easy to clean. This material adds elegance to any location, it is velvety to the touch and it can be used for any type of design.
  • Wellness bathtubs, which can be installed outdoors, are coated and panelled with easy-to-clean acrylic material, resistant to impact, abrasions and UV rays. The coating is available in glossy white or Edelweiss matt white finishes.
  • The shell of the tubs is covered with our B-Plus Design panelling system, available in 6 finishes, in contrast or coordinated with the bathtub, for complete customization and to facilitate installation and maintenance.
  • The outdoor SPAS feature a coating of acrylic sheets, offering the same advantages as wellness bathtubs panels.
  • The surfaces are treated with innovative technologies having an antimicrobial and anti-mould function (MicroBan), which ensures effectiveness and ease of disinfection over time.
  • In addition, our tabs are reinforced by an acrylic sheet (Green SPA), which allows to keep the water temperature constant and to reduce consumptions. It is "Green" because it contributes to respecting the environment that hosts us and reducing waste - consequently, to respect ourselves and the future generations.

Choosing resistant materials for your bathtubs or SPAS results in spending little time on maintenance and cleaning, in saving money, since they won't deteriorate easily, and in making a reasonable investment while enjoying with the utmost serenity your private haven of wellness that will preserve its beauty over the years.

Speedy SPA

Speedy SPA App

"Quality" also means comfort, especially when it comes to home SPAs. For this reason, we created a dedicated app, running through Bluetooth technology, which allows you to check and monitor your SPA at any time.

Through our app, very intuitive and easy to use, you can monitor or set the water temperature, check the correct functioning of all the electronic and mechanical components of the system, and control whether the water recirculation system is active. Since it works via Bluetooth, our app can be used from a smartphone or tablet without any need for Wi-Fi connection.

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Treat yourself to total wellbeing, thanks to a SPA with a refined aesthetic, a timeless style, made of resistant materials, and that is simple and comfortable even for daily care! If you intend to purchase a design bathtub, a wellness bathtub or a SPA, don't neglect the quality of the materials and the technology, besides the design.  Request us for a quote by indicating your contact details here.

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