The sauna is a warm embrace for a break from the frenzy of everyday life, to find new energy and positivity to face the day. The sauna is a regenerating ritual, which tunes the body and mind and brings each of us back in harmony with our world.

This is not just a moment of relaxation - the sauna is much more than that:
it is a lifestyle that makes you live better, every day..

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True wellbeing is achieved when the body, the mind, and the eyes are satisfied. At Albatros we work to make this possible every day, even at home. Discover our entire assortment of saunas by Albatros and let the design of our wellbeing culture enchant you!

The Benefits of the Dry Sauna

The dry sauna - or Finnish sauna - helps eliminate toxins through sweat, it improves blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the metabolism and relaxes the muscles, reducing stress and giving new energy.

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Sauna Modula S Combi Particolare Doccia

Albatros Sauna with Integrated Shower Space

Our shower space integrated into the Modula S combi complements the sauna optimally, allowing the immediate lowering of body temperature after the sauna.

To make this ritual a true emotional experience, our showers are equipped with nebulized jets and also chromotherapy, which enhances wellbeing thanks to the healing properties of every single colour.


Features of Finnish Saunas by Albatros

In our indoor saunas, the stove is recessed and hidden under the relax bench, to ensure comfort and high aesthetic value.

The internal coverings of Albatros saunas are in thermotreated wood, to withstand high temperatures over time.

The wood we use does not contain polluting substances, since they could be harmful to human health especially in conditions of high heat.

Purchasing a domestic sauna by Albatros means, therefore, treating yourself to a daily wellness experience, which warms the soul and brings huge benefits to your health.

Ash, melamine fir and Canadian hemlock - perfect for Nordic style lovers - are the wood types that we prefer in our professional saunas, for their robustness over time and for their irresistible natural charm.

In addition to being a warm and welcoming material, wood is an element that beautifies the room and recalls the antiquity of this ritual, a world that is still uncontaminated, a return to nature.

Albatros wooden saunas fit into every home delicately but, at the same time, adding personality and creating a new, enchanting atmosphere.

The room in which the sauna is positioned changes from livable to enjoyable, with a new furnishing element of high aesthetic and functional value.

The external digital display is of the latest generation, with an elegant and intuitive interface to control all the sauna functions in total simplicity.

To meet the various shapes of the rooms and the different tastes of our clients, some models of Finnish sauna offer the possibility of choosing between niche, corner or freestanding version (without any side adjacent to the wall).

Our customer service is timely and professional, to best satisfy every customer.

Sauna Modula S Combi Particolare

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