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Choosing a Design SPA: find out why

Design SPAs arise from the harmonious fusion of two wellbeing experiences: whirlpool bathtubs and SPAs. Albatros Design SPAs represent an evolution of the concepts of wellbeing and seasonality:  the outdoor space becomes a rejuvenating space with our whirlpool SPA, to enjoy all year round thanks to its water heating system, and perfect for sharing precious moments with your loved ones. A hydrotherapy session - or hydromassage - relieves physical pain, releases muscle tension, improves sleep quality and releases endorphins, which are important for anxiety reduction.

Differently from the traditional whirlpool bathtubs, our SPA allows you to share a lavish wellness experience with the people you care the most. Design SPAs, in fact, accommodate several people in full comfort (the maximum capacity varies according to the model). They have two hydromassage functions - based on air (Airpool) and water (Whirlpool) - with adjustable nozzles, for a totally customizable experience (relaxing, energizing, invigorating massage, etc.).

With a Design SPA, the hydromassage and all its benefits become part of a moment of convivial wellbeing, in an open-air domestic SPA where body, mind and heart find harmony and relaxation.

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Smartly designed whirlpool SPAS

The outstanding design of these experiential objects makes them elegant outdoor furnishing elements, beautifying the space and creating an intimate oasis of wellbeing, pure pleasure also for the eye. No tapware is needed to fill our SPAs because they work with an external supply.

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They are also equipped with an inverter pump system for water recirculation and the temperature is adjustable at any time. The construction materials are also resistant to UV rays, hygienic and easy to clean.

The disinfection is carried out by MicroBan, a special surface treatment that prevents the formation of mould and bacteria. Furthermore, the reinforcement and the insulation of the acrylic sheet allow reducing energy consumption, since they keep the water temperature constant.

Another remarkable aspect is that it is not necessary to have a garden to own a SPA, because our SPAs can also be installed on a terrace, after a technical inspection.


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If you dream of immersing yourself in hot water and indulging in a pleasant massage by hydromassage jets even in winter, as well as enjoying your outdoor space also in good company, a Design SPA is the right choice for you. Don't give up precious moments with those you love, and make them even more magical with Albatros! Leave us your contact details and we will get in touch with you to give you the information you want, without obligation.

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