Whirlpool SPAS

Albatros SPAS are not just objects, they are true experiential products.

In fact, immersing in an Albatros SPA means indulging in a special experience of wellbeing, relaxation, recharging, and sharing.

We created three collections of indoor and outdoor SPAS, to give a magical atmosphere to your home or to make your guests fall in love with your accommodation facility.

Product Lines

Our designers and architects created a collection of ergonomic and functional tubs boasting refined aesthetics, to suit perfectly the most varied architectural and furnishing styles. Albatros Design SPA reshapes any domestic space, reducing the boundary between indoor and outdoor.

With our heated outdoor SPAS, your garden becomes a liveable part of the house in every season, because for us at Albatros a true wellbeing project has no limits.

Whirlpool Functions of Design SPAS by Albatros

Albatros hydro-massage SPAS are equipped with Airpool function (air hydro-massage) and Whirlpool function (water/air hydro-massage). The Airpool system introduces air into the water through the special jets positioned on the bottom of the tub, which generate an effective massage to relax the muscles. The hydro-massage system is particularly silent, to enjoy a precious moment of total relaxation.

The exclusive Albatros SPA System, of Whirlpool type, operates through the re-introduction of water, mixed with air, into the tub. The four types of Jet Pool jets, each one with its own nozzle configuration and an individually adjustable flow rate, are positioned to effectively perform different types of massage: from the quick pulsating jet massage to the continuous and more intense one.

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Bocchette Jet Pool
Rinforzo vasca Green SPA

Materials Distinguishing Albatros Design SPAS

The frame is made of galvanized metal, to better support the weight of the tub and water while ensuring greater resistance to corrosion. For the reinforcement and insulation of the acrylic sheet we use the Green SPA, an acrylic material that keeps the water temperature constant. What is the result? Greater respect for the environment and reduction of energy costs.

1 Acrylic of the highest quality
2 Osmosis prevention resin
3 High resistance polyester
4 Insulating polyurethane


Hygiene Assured with the Exclusive Microban Treatment

Albatros SPAS surfaces are treated with the antimicrobial technology Microban, for cleaning and protection from mould and bacteria. Perfect hygiene, easy to maintain.

Additional Features of Design SPAS

Our innovative panelling system for Design SPAS is available in 4 different finishes, all with a strong visual and aesthetic impact.

The functions of the SPA can be controlled from your smartphone, via Bluetooth technology. The tub is also equipped with a portable sound diffuser, connectable to any device via Bluetooth connection, to listen to your favourite music without the need for a power supply.

Whirlpool jets for hydro-massage are flat, flush with the surface and made of a special plastic resistant to temperatures and atmospheric agents.

Albatros exclusive inverter pump system for water heating and recirculation is eco-friendly and extremely silent.

A special cover in multilayer material, which maintains the water temperature constant, and, consequently, helps reduce energy consumption. The cover we supply is UV-resistant and equipped with a perimeter edge, which ensures maximum internal insulation.

Our SPAS coating is easy to clean and guarantees a high level of hygiene.
It is also resistant to impact, abrasion, and UV rays.

We use the most effective disinfection system - ozone - released in the SPA through special nozzles. Ozone is less aggressive than chlorine for the skin, yet guaranteeing total antibacterial coverage.

From the first start-up by the Assistance centre onwards, every customer is always taken good care of and is central to us: for the first two years we offer free annual checks, and the assistance - during and after the warranty period - is timely and professional.

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