Soreha Mini Pool

Soreha Mini perfectly interprets the contemporary style. Designed for relaxation and inspired by new living standards, it is functional and technological. Essential design and a wide variety of finishes to choose from.

Soreha Mini Pool

Functional and technological

Wellbeing also means simplicity and ease of use and maintenance. The digital management of Soreha Mini Pool makes everything easy, also thanks to the innovative Speedy SPA system, which permits the user at any time, through Bluetooth connection, to set the water temperature or check the recycling phases and the correct functioning of all mechanical and electronic parts.

Attention to the detail

Soreha Mini pool can also be installed in the center of the room thanks to the availability of four panels.

180 x 180 - h 60 cm

16 Whirlpool jets

14 Airpool valves

Acrylic sheet with Microban antibacterial treatmen

Clean Water ozone system to neutralize bacteria in the water

Speedy SPA

Travel Sound

RGB chromotherapy light

x3/4 People

Bathtub covering in Green SPA: Environmental technology
Material reinforced with layers of resin and polyurethane to keep constant the water temperature and reduce energy commitment

Airpool + Whirlpool hydromassage system with Filjet® jets

Waterproof digital control panel with touch technology

Silence SPA inverter system recirculation pump for low consumption

Energy Saving Cover, Very high density cover in polystyrene. Keeps constant the water temperature and reduces energy consumption

B-PLUS DESIGN is our innovative design panelling system in 4 finishes with a strong visual and aesthetical impact. Very smart, as it simultaneously facilitates installation and maintenance

2 finishes for the shell:



4 finishes for B-Plus panels:

 Elegant Tea For Two

 Tortona Natural



View the Soreha Mini Pool data sheet here

View from above

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