Energy Saving

Energy saving with Albatros whirlpools

The basis for energy saving is a well-designed construction, which is technologically advanced to maintain thermal insulation, to last over time, and to withstand the wear. For our SPAs, the coverage and the water recirculation mechanism are also fundamental: the former prevents the water from evaporating, while the latter dramatically reduces water consumption. Here at Albatros, we have studied for a long time to offer our customers products that are not limited to the desirable comfort and aesthetics, but that also require minimum energy expenditure over time.


This is why our SPAs are equipped with a special function for water recirculation and a state-of-the-art cover that contributes to maintaining a constant water temperature inside the tub - both those elements are essential to ensure greater energy savings.

Whoever buys an Albatros SPA will have all the advantages of a domestic SPA, but with extremely low management costs.

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Silence SPA System

Our products are equipped with an exclusive water heating and recirculation system: the Silence SPA system. It boasts a special technology with inverter pump that allows to significantly reduce energy consumption, for domestic wellness that respects the environment and does not waste resources.

Furthermore, the energy savings guaranteed by the Silence SPA system result in a significant decrease in management costs for the entire system. Another positive aspect is that this saving does not affect the comfort of our products, since the system guarantees absolute silence, as in a real SPA.

This is why Silence SPA is our most successful revolution: it offers pure relaxation with an eye to ecology and savings.

Energy Saving Cover

In order to contribute to reducing energy consumption, our SPAs are equipped with a special cover that guarantees thermal insulation and avoids water evaporation.

The cover consists of a multilayer of two different materials and insulators (polyethylene and polystyrene foam) coated with Silvertex, a special fabric used on ships, which is UV rays resistant and waterproof.

1   Silvertex fabric
2  Polystyrene foam
3  Polyethylene sheet
4  Aluminum reinforcement
5  Handles
6  Perimeter edge

Copertura Energy Saving Cover

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Water is a precious resource, capable of giving life and regenerating: keep it clean and do not waste it, thanks to the Silence SPA system and to the Energy Saving Cover! Contact us for more information or to receive a quote by entering your contact details here:

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