Ethos F

Specifically designed to be positioned in the middle of the room, Ethos F stands out for its oval shape, the lightness of its lines and its sculptural traits. Produced in Solid Surface, it is available in 7 different colours.

Ethos F

Oval and ergonomic

The dimensions of this bathtub, yet contained, offer a really unexpected ergonomic comfort, for a daily pleasure that delights the senses and satisfies the eye.

Attention to the detail

Bathtub specifically designed to be positioned in the middle of the room.

170 x 70 - h 50 cm

Finishing in 7 colours Solid Surface

Column tapware

Solid Surface Finish
An innovative material, velvety to the touch, which guarantees maximum resistance, hygiene and easy cleaning; it is completely restorable

7 Solid Surface Finishes:

  White Solid

  Panna Solid

  Caffè Solid

  Malto Solid

  Nuvola Solid

  Notte Solid

  Ghiaccio Solid

View the Ethos F data sheet here

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