Idea F Oval

Idea F Oval manages to transmit all its harmony and balance through shapes totally devoted to wellbeing. Produced in glossy acrylic material that enhances its beauty, it is equipped with the innovative Airpool microjets system that adds quality and functionality to the collection.

Idea F Oval

Forms devoted to wellbeing

The oval version opens upwards with a slight flaring, which lends it an unprecedented elegance and aesthetic originality, enhanced by the gleam of the acrylic material. Comfort is guaranteed by the innovative Airpool microjets system that adds quality and functionality.

Attention to the detail

Freestanding bathtub, it can be positioned in any space since no recessed mounting is required.

170 x 80 - h 61 cm

Airpool Microjets

Column tapware

Acrylic sheet

Remote control

Acrylic sheet
This coating is simple to clean and guarantees a high degree of hygiene. Impact, abrasions and UV rays resistant

Airpool Whirlpool system
Innovative microjets system that introduces air into the water for relaxing and soothing treatments

Remote control
Starting and other functions of the bathtub can be managed remotely by remote control

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