Whirlpool SPAS

Albatros SPAS are not just objects, they are true experiential products.

In fact, immersing in an Albatros SPA means indulging in a special experience of wellbeing, relaxation, recharging, and sharing.

We created three collections of indoor and outdoor SPAS, to give a magical atmosphere to your home or to make your guests fall in love with your accommodation facility.

Product Lines

The house is a place of extraordinary wellbeing and absolute comfort. The architectural intuition of Albatros transforms wellbeing into a piece of furniture, which can be integrated perfectly in the style of contemporary houses.

Albatros SPAS represent an evolved world of smart functions and sensitivity towards both the environment and people - a precious gem of everlasting beauty. Design, ergonomics, cutting-edge technology and attention to energy consumptions come together to create and define a regenerating, respectful and more conscious daily life.

SPAS for Your Home

Albatros hydro-massage SPAS are equipped with Airpool function (air hydro-massage) and Whirlpool function (water/air hydro-massage).

The massage is relaxing and the hydro-massage system does not interfere with the peace of the moment - it is extremely silent.

Albatros SPAS boast 4 types of Jet Pool jets, each one with its own nozzle configuration and an individually adjustable flow rate, to perform different types of treatment at one's preferred intensity.

The galvanized metal frame is corrosion resistant and very robust, to withstand the weight of the tub and the water inside it.

The technology and the choice of materials used by Albatros for the reinforcement and insulation of the acrylic sheet allow keeping the water temperature constant, to create a SPA with reduced energy consumptions.

Albatros hydro-massage Home SPAS surfaces are treated with the antimicrobial technology Microban, for cleaning and protection from mould and bacteria. Perfect hygiene, easy to maintain.

B-PLUS DESIGN is our innovative panelling system available in 4 finishes, of extremely attractive appearance.

Albatros SPA System heats and recirculates water thanks to an inverter pump. This technology reduces consumptions significantly - thus reducing usage costs – and it guarantees absolute silence, a very important factor to ensure true relaxation.

The acrylic coating of the Albatros SPAS is easy to clean and guarantees a high level of hygiene, as well as a very good resistance to impacts, abrasions and UV rays.

We deliver our SPAS with a specific cover, designed for thermal water insulation. The cover is made of multilayer material: polyethylene and polystyrene foam, covered in Silvertex, a special waterproof nautical fabric. Furthermore, Home SPAS are equipped with a perimeter edge that retains the heat and is resistant to solar radiation.

Creating the perfect atmosphere is essential for us - this is why we provide a Bluetooth device that can be connected to any PC, smartphone or tablet, to listen to music anywhere, without connecting any cable.

Albatros Home SPAS are equipped with an edge-mounted diffuser for aromatherapy, which releases the essences directly in contact with water.

The Clean Water system exploits the antibacterial properties of ozone, which is introduced directly into the water.

The first start-up is free and is carried out by our assistance centre, which will offer a free annual check for the first 24 months.

After that period, assistance is always available to satisfy every customer's need.

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