Harry Swim SPA

A new way of conceiving the workout. It allows you to swim and stay in shape even in very small spaces. Harry Swim, a technically advanced low consumption swim spa makes it possible.

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Swim and keep fit in a SPA

The pumps draw in the water and they re-emit it with force into the pool creating a real surface current preventing the swimmer to advance. The workout program is customizable. "Massage" function for after swimming relaxation.

Attention to the detail

Two bathtub areas: one with Whirlpool and Airpool system to relax, the other one with water current generated by 5 turbojets for upstream swimming.

500 x 230 - h 138 cm

26 Whirlpool jets

5 Turbojets

Ultraviolet treatment to purify water

SPA Pack System

Travel Sound

RGB chromotherapy light

Water training kit

x 3 People

Area with whirlpool and Airpool system to relax and tonify muscles. In addition waterfall and fountains'games

Pool area with water current generated by 5 turbojets for upstream swimming.
Allows you to train and keeping fit at home

Ultraviolet treatment to purify and ensure water is always clear and healthy, free from bacteria, viruses and algae that can attack skin, hair and eyes

SPA Pack, filtration system dedicated to contract. All functions gathered in a technical set that can also be installed far from the pool. Management and maintenance are facilitated and ensures noiselessness

Water training kit

3 finishes for the shell:



 Blue Marble

View the Harry Swim SPA data sheet here:

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