Whirlpool SPAS

Albatros SPAS are not just objects, they are true experiential products.

In fact, immersing in an Albatros SPA means indulging in a special experience of wellbeing, relaxation, recharging, and sharing.

We created three collections of indoor and outdoor SPAS, to give a magical atmosphere to your home or to make your guests fall in love with your accommodation facility.

Contract SPAS

Product Lines

Functionality, comfort, high technology, and an alluring design blend perfectly in the Albatros Contract SPAS. Choose not to sacrifice anything, and treat yourself with the most pleasant reward: the satisfaction of your guests!

Reasons to Choose a Contract SPA

Albatros Contract SPAS are not just hydro-massage tubs, they are a welcoming philosophy. Hotel SPAS are designed to help accommodation facilities stand out, to offer guests an extremely pleasant experience they will share with others and repeat as much as possible. The experience is composed of wellness and training programs for special guests.

Several functions, alluring design, ease of maintenance and extraordinary charm: everything is thought of in detail to surprise and enchant even the most demanding people. A special model with upstream swimming function is also available; to offer a complete solution that combines keeping fit with relaxing hydro-massage.

Beverly SPA

SPAS Designed and Tailored-made for Accommodation Facilities

Contract SPAS are designed for hotels, spas and gyms, where even the ease of maintenance is of great importance. Our SPA Pack filtration system is perfect for these commercial activities. This system works through a single technical group that is installed separately from the SPA and which includes filtration, heating and disinfecting systems, hydro-massage and recirculation pumps, control panel for filtrations with integrated timer, and installation at a distance from the SPA. The advantages offered by the SPA Pack are the remote control and management of the SPA, the ease of access to the systems and their related maintenance, the silence and the ease of use thanks to the pre-set filtering programs.

In the picture: Beverly SPA

Contract SPAS Features

The whirlpool Contract SPAS are also equipped with a perimeter overflow channel that collects excess water, keeping the SPA edges dry and ensuring greater cleanliness and safety.

Water recirculating channel cover grills are available in 11 different colours.

Albatros hydro-massage SPAS offer 2 different functions: Airpool (air hydro-massage) and Whirlpool (water/air hydro-massage). The four types of Jet Pool jets, each one with its own nozzle configuration and an individually adjustable flow rate, are positioned to perform different massages in terms of modes and intensity.

We also deliver to our customers a portable sound diffuser with Bluetooth technology, to play music without the need for a power supply.

The surfaces of the tubs are treated with Microban antimicrobial technologies, which make them clean and protected from mould and bacteria comfortably and easily.

Beverly SPA copertura bordo a sfioro
Harry Swim SPA zona relax

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