Ethos Wall

Ethos Wall is complemented by a practical compartment, which houses a retractable pull-out basket and acts as a shelf, to accommodate both the tapware and all the other amenities to make your bath comfortable.

Ethos Wall

Practical and comfortable

In white colour version, it can be completed by the Airpool microjets system with remote control.

Attention to the detail

Minimal aesthetics and essential lines characterise Ethos Wall.

196 x 87 - h 50 cm

Airpool Microjets

Finishing in 7 colours Solid Surface

Pull-out basket

Integrated tapware

Remote control for Airpool

Solid Surface finish
An innovative material, velvety to the touch, which guarantees maximum resistance, hygiene and easy cleaning; it is completely restorable

Pull-out basket, produced in Solid Surface, perfectly integrated into the bathtub design, durable and practical to always have everything in order and at your fingertips

The Solid Surface white version can be equipped – upon request - with the Airpool microjets system, manageable by remote control

7 Solid Surface Finishes:

  White Solid

  Panna Solid

  Caffè Solid

  Malto Solid

  Nuvola Solid

  Notte Solid

  Ghiaccio Solid

View the Ethos Wall data sheet here

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