The bathtub as a furnishing object marked Albatros DNA from the very beginning and it has contributed to forge and define our philosophy. Water is the primary source of wellbeing, a daily support for health and care - water is Life.

We have always designed bathtubs, because we love life.

Wellness Bathtubs

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Discover all the different models of Albatros Wellness Bathtubs and select the perfect combination to transform any space into a magical one! Discover our bathtubs! Discover our bathtubs!

Wellness Bathtubs Functions

Albatros bathtubs with ACET whirlpool system offer a triple mode for body treatment.

  • Whirlpool Massage: energetic lateral jets, as a result of a correct air/water mixture coming from the swivelling side jets and with adjustable intensity, for a stimulating massage of the lymphatic system.
  • Airpool massage: micronized air jets, coming from the jets on the bottom of the bathtub, for a relaxing massage.
  • Turbopool massage: the combination of Whirlpool and Airpool massage for the highest level of mind and body wellbeing.

In addition, the ACET system boasts a professional disinfection system.

Albatros bathtubs with ACEW whirlpool system combine the Whirlpool massage with a professional disinfection system.

The FILJET jets are the perfect solution for the design: in a recessed position in the bathtub side wall, they ensure seamless surfaces and are coordinated to the aesthetics of the bathtub, matt white or glossy white.

Thea 160
Soreha - particolare bocchette Filjet®

Whirlpool Bathtubs Panelling and Covering

Wellness bathtubs are made of acrylic material. This type of coating is simple to clean and it guarantees a high level of hygiene. It is resistant to impact, abrasion and UV rays - because an Albatros bathtub is forever.

Soreha pannello digitale

Installation and Common Functions

Albatros Wellness Bathtubs have different shapes and sizes, being suitable for all types of installation. For some models, it is possible to select your preferred finishes for all the covering panels, to position the bathtub also in the centre of the room (the so-called "freestanding bathtub").

Both the size and shape, of course, affect the capacity of the bathtubs, which are however optimized to take advantage of every inch occupied in the room. Our Wellness Bathtubs are equipped with a digital control panel to manage all the functions of the bathtub and of the ACET whirlpool system. Some models also offer a special lympho-drainage program. The System Clean function sanitises and disinfects the water, for a safe and 100% purifying bath every time.

In the picture: bathtub Soreha

Additional Functions Available on the Wellness Bathtubs

  • 1.3 kW Heater This practical accessory keeps the water temperature constant during the hydro-massage, which would otherwise tend to cool down.
  • Remote Control to manage the jets and water temperature from remote
  • Headrest to relax the neck muscles as well
  • Possibility of customizing and panelling all 4 sides of the bathtub and placing it in the centre of the room(freestanding bathtub)
  • Bathtub Edge Tapware, consisting of mixer, hand shower, diverter, and fill spout outlet. The finishes are all refined, of high quality, and durable over time.

In the picture: bathtub Ethos 140

Albatros-Ethos 140

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