Ethos 140

Designed for corner installation, therefore perfect also for small spaces, Ethos 140 extends on a 140 x 140 cm angle.

Ethos 140

Wellness and technology

Six Filjet® jets for an enveloping massage, new digital controls for an easy and intuitive use of all functions.

Attention to the detail

A precious haven of wellbeing for two people comfortably lying down thanks to the spacious interior space.

140 x 140 - h 57 cm

6 Whirlpool jets

14 Airpool valves

Lympho-drainage program

1,3 kW Heater

Drain column with siphon

System Clean disinfection

Digital control panel

Remote control

Filjet® jets, recessed in the bathtub side walls, in glossy white finishes to match with the bathtub

Digital panel to manage all the bathtub functions

ACET hydromassage system
Whirlpool system + Airpool + lympho-drainage program + System Clean disinfection + drain column with siphon

Double seat and two headrests, ergonomics and coordinated comfort accessories

1,3 kW Heater
A practical accessory keeping the water temperature constant during the hydromassage, which would otherwise tend to cool down

B-Plus Design our innovative design panelling system in 4 finishes, with a strong visual and aesthetical impact. Very smart, as it simultaneously facilitates installation and maintenance

Remote control Starting and other functions of the bathtub can be managed remotely by remote control (optional)

2 finishes for the shell:

 Glossy White

Edelweiss Matt White

4 finishes for B-Plus panels:

 Elegant Tea For Two

 Tortona Natural



2 acrylic panels finishes:

Glossy White

Edelweiss Matt White

View the Ethos 140 data sheet here

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